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Boyfriend that I fucking love.
Job that I fucking hate.
Studying to be a medical assistant.
The hugest nerd ever.
Talk to me. okay?
Stop being perfect @coolaid57 ❤️

Stop being perfect @coolaid57 ❤️

Hunter Parrish, Wallace Smith

—All for the Best


All for the Best - Godspell 2011 Revival Cast

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A word about bronies.


So I just got back last night from a brony convention in San Francisco. I was working a booth for a vendor friend, and let me tell you what happened:

We met a little girl who was there with her family. She got a button drawn at our booth, told us all about her favorite…

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Gandalf was shorter in stature than the other two; but his long white hair, his sweeping silver beard, and his broad shoulders, made him look like some wise king of ancient legend. In his aged face under great snowy brows his eyes were set like coals that could suddenly burst into fire.

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Introspection - Full Image

When I go for long walks or sit out on my porch at night for a while with nothing to distract me, it feels like my mind is able to sort through all the extraneous thoughts and mental noise I’ve accumulated and just kind of… let it go. It’s something I don’t do often enough.

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#mcm early because he’s so perfect and cute 💜❤️ @coolaid57

#mcm early because he’s so perfect and cute 💜❤️ @coolaid57